the dynamic duo in the botfa teaser trailer

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Walt Disney Animation Studios | 1937 - 2014

After seeing this post, I decided to make this. The “Experimental” era is usually referred to as Post-Renaissance. I imagine the Revival is going to continue through this decade. 2015 and beyond films listed are: (left to right) Zootopia, Giants, and Moana.

If you want to read more about each era and how they got their names, click here.

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I’ve recently read an article where Kit Harington said he wants to see more male nudity on the show.

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I have like the weirdest boner right now.

This is so much better than that “kissing strangers for the first time” video

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Please don’t get all your information on news stories, critical race theory, cultural study theories etc from here. It’s a good starting place but going beyond this place of recycled ideas and misinformed opinions will honestly give you some much needed perspective on things.

Just don’t believe everything people say here. It’s really sad and scary how ideas on tumblr manifest into facts that are used as weapons against those who challenge them.

Please read books and peer reviewed articles, actual news stories.

Many of you are young and internalizing really skewed perceptions of concepts.

Read on your own, formulate your own ideas and opinions, don’t rely on popular tumblr users on here to do it for you.

Please don’t let this hivemind website make you lose your sense of critical thinking.

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I maintain that this is one of the most beautiful, haunting songs I have ever heard… and yet I hardly see anyone singing the praises of Billy Boyd. So here is an appreciation post for him. You have a lovely voice, sir.

EDIT: I’ve learned from many of you since posting this that Mr. Boyd actually wrote the melody to this song himself. One more reason to appreciate his amazing talent! Thank you to those who taught me something new. ^_^

Billy Boyd as Pippin Took

Well, i’m crying.

A thousand times better without unrelated “Hobbit” footage.

ArtistBilly Boyd
TitleEdge of Night

New Poster!

New Poster!

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I choose to believe this is the truth. 

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